Inspired by Soul.


Your most precious memories in beautiful works of art.

A timeless way to house your most precious memories.

art prints carefully chosen from professional print labs to bring your gorgeous images to life!

Not just a box, but an experience that allows you to relive those beautiful newborn memories for years to come.


above images feature an Inspired by Soul archival print box.


archival print box


- 5 x 7” Archival art prints, fine art papers + pigment inks.

- Linen box.

- Archival quality so it lasts!

- Hand crafted in Australia by professional printers.



Why invest in beautiful prints?

I remember so vividly going to my nan's house and having her tell me stories of the "good ol' days" many moons ago. She'd make me a cuppa, slice me a piece of cake and pull out the old shoe box under her bed, full of all her old photographs (no wifi or computer needed!). I can picture her now picking up that old tatted box and showing me the black and white photographs inside. She’d tell me stories evoked from the images she saw. Stories of our family and my mum as a baby. I really miss those days…

The day my nan passed away, I went looking for photographs of her. I saw photos I'd never seen before of her as a young woman. I remember holding those photographs in my hand, looking at all the details and imprinting them in my mind. There's something really special about looking through old photographs and albums. To reconnect and reminisce with family about times gone by and to know that you're holding the photographs that your loved ones once cherished for decades.

I know that in this digital age everyone wants the digital files, but in all honesty the value is in the prints. Nothing beats looking through an old album, sitting by the cosy fire and reminiscing with your family. It's something you can hand down to your baby one day when they go looking for photographs of you. It's precious, it's priceless.

So instead of leaving you with just the digital files, part of my service is to provide you with amazing works of art that you can share with your family over the years, decades and even generations. So that one day, you can look back over this incredible journey and reminisce with your loved ones.

You may not know it now, but this is going to be one of your greatest investments.

- Sollest x 


Featured in video: Archival Print Box from the Inspired by Soul Heirloom Collection.

Photos are of Harrison’s newborn session at the Inspired by Soul studio.


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