gift registry terms and conditions

When you enquire about a gift registry listing, Inspired by Soul will see if your booking date is available based on your baby’s due date.

Gift registry listings are free with any newborn photography session, that is booked with 30 + days remaining from your baby’s due date.

Newborn photography bookings are essential to ensure your session date is secured.

Once your newborn photography session is secured (i.e. session/commission fee paid), your gift registry listing can be created!

Many clients use their gift registry listing to contribute to something they really want, in lieu of material gifts (i.e. gifts that they might receive at baby showers). Therefore we recommend making your gift registry listing as early as possible!

Once your listing is created, you will be given a unique gift registry listing web address (i.e last name). Share this web address to your family and friends so they know where to make their contributions!

For ideas on how to share your gift registry listing creatively, click here.

Inspired by Soul can make gift registry cards for you to use with your baby shower invites if you wish, fees apply.

Gift registry listings are not set up for charitable causes or donations and must not be advertised in this way.

Gift registry contributions are tallied post the expiry date of your gift registry listing. You will receive a gift voucher to the amount of the gift registry, when you attended your newborn photography session. A list of names of those who have contributed will also be given, if these details were submitted at the time of their contribution.

Gift registry contributions can be used towards Inspired by Soul newborn photography services and products only. Gift registry contributions cannot be used to purchase vouchers, transferred to others or exchanged for cash.

Your gift registry voucher must be used in its entirety at the time of your reveal and ordering session, approximately two to three weeks post your newborn photos taking place.

Inspired by Soul specialises in newborn photography only, therefore it is important that your newborn photography session occurs within 5 - 14 days post your baby’s birth. It is important that you contact Inspired by Soul once baby is born, so that a date and time can be made for your newborn photography session.

In unforeseen circumstances where your gift registry voucher goes unused, your monetary contributions will be held by Inspired by Soul, until an agreement on services can be met. The gift registry is to be used towards photography services and products for you and your family with Inspired by Soul only. It is at the sole discretion of Inspired by Soul, to decide what services or products may be offered if unforeseen circumstances arise, causing you to miss your newborn photography session.

Inspired by Soul will take down your gift registry listing without warning if you have breached these terms and conditions.

These terms and conditions were last updated 07/07/19.

Please contact us if you have any questions.


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