Frequently Asked Questions.


When should I book a session?

It is best to book as early as possible! I have limited bookings, so please book as soon as baby’s due date is known so you don’t miss out.

This is a definitely a once in a life time opportunity to capture your baby at such a young age when they are the smallest they will ever be! Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity!

How do I book a session? 

To book a session please book your free no-obligation consult first by clicking here.

This phone consult helps me to establish what your needs are and how and if I can fulfill them. It also allows you to discover if I am the right photographer for you and learn about what Inspired by Soul has to offer. Once the consult is complete I will send you my pricing guide and terms and conditions if you are keen to book in a session!

What are your prices? 

Sessions start at 100, please view session fee inclusions by clicking here. Inspired by Soul collections start at 350, please view current collections by clicking here. I also offer payment plans (more info below). *Prices are subject to change without notice, book today to secure the current price*


Do you offer payment plans? 

Yes. Payment plans are available on purchases over $1000 AUD. There is an option for 3 or 6 month plans with 4 weekly recurring direct debits from your nominated account. Products are delivered upon full payment and a 10% deposit is due at the time of your reveal and ordering session. 


What is a "Reveal and ordering session"?

The reveal and ordering (R & O) session is scheduled 2 - 3 weeks post your photography session. At the R & O session, you get to see your gorgeous gallery of images and the amazing products Inspired by Soul has to offer! 


Do I need to be involved in the session? 

Only when your baby needs you! During the session your baby will need feeding at times and will want comfort. When baby is settled and content this is when I’ll photograph your gorgeous baby and you can have some time out to relax.


How do I prepare my baby for the session? 

I will send you out a little “How to get ready” guide pre-photography session. I keep things very simple, the most important thing is to bath baby pre session and bring plenty of feed.


What if my baby becomes unwell leading up to the session? 

If baby becomes unwell please notify Inspired by Soul immediately to reschedule your booking. You will be given direct contacts when you book your session and this is the best way to contact me asap. Please allow 2 weeks + after baby's vaccines if they are due around the same time as your photography session. This usually ensures your baby is well for the session. 


Do you photograph more than newborns? 

No. At this point in time Inspired by Soul specialises in capturing only newborn's at 5 - 12 days old. If your baby is slightly out of this category by all means please contact me to discuss, however Inspired by Soul does not do event, pet, wedding or any other photography at this point in time.

Have you had your whooping cough vaccination? 

Yes! Working as a nurse in the neonatal intensive care unit in 2012 meant I most certainly needed to be vaccinated against whooping cough. I still continue to work as a nurse today in other areas and therefore am up to date with many required vaccinations to work in this profession.


I only want digitals, can I buy them without the collection? 

No. Inspired by Soul offers something more than just digital images, it offers fine art albums and prints. All Inspired by Soul collections come with archival prints. Digital images on wooden USB are included with collections only. Over time these prints will become priceless heirlooms and something you will enjoy for many years to come. 


Do I need to sign a model release? 

Yes. On the day of your session you and your partner will need to sign a model release + terms and conditions. A model release basically means that you are signing over the copyright of your images completely to Inspired by Soul. You are able to use them for your personal use (i.e. printing for private purposes). However you are not permitted to make profit/gain from the imagery (i.e. enter into competitions, sell to news papers/magazines etc.). This is important to me as a professional photographer because this is how I pay my bills, care for my family and provide you with this amazing service! 


Do you "Photo shop" the images? 

Photoshop is a professional photo editing/processing program that allows Inspired by Soul to obtain the very best from your imagery. Inspired by Soul does remove skin blemishes/imperfections from hormonal breakouts etc. The images will always look and represent your baby, but yes they are usually edited and processed with Photoshop. If you would like to discuss this further please contact me. 


Please contact me if you have any further questions.