Sealed with love…

I’m sealing your gifts with love…

I live for beautiful papers, gorgeous prints and those delightful details…. and I know you do too!

I wanted to share this incredible art form with you all because wax stamps are a unique and beautiful way to seal something special!

I also felt like a kid on Christmas day and just wanted to show you all my new toy! He he

Fun fact:

“Seals were first and primarily used by kings and governments.”

“Another common use of the seal in yesteryear was for proclamations of love. “


So if you’re after a gorgeous gift voucher for that expecting mumma, then get one sealed with love!

- Sollest xo

Inspired by Soul newborn photography

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Specialising in newborn photography that is natural, simple and timeless.

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Sessions are done in our cosy New Town studio.

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