It's hard to put into words…

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It’s hard to put into a words…

I get asked a lot, “Why do you specialise in newborn photography only”?

So today, I truly reflected on this very question and what I found really surprised me!

Not just because I had a lot to say on this topic, but because it was so much more than that. At times I felt a lump form in my throat and my eyes begin to tear up; I forgot just how close to my heart this topic really was in my own story…

And I’d like to share with you why…


When I think of me as a baby, I think back to this one image in particular. It's a single image of me at just a few months old in a little white dress. I'm sitting up (most likely propped up by my mother) and there's an oval matte around the image (most likely to hide my mother's arm, that’s propping me up!). The image is then finished off with a dark timber frame and gold trim (all the rage in those days!).

One day I will share it with you...

It's been over a year since I've seen that image, but I still remember it quite well.


You see, this photo I have glimpsed at over and over again for my entire life. It's gone from one place to another, following me in the homes that I grew up in. I can picture it on the walls of those homes now. Whilst growing up, I never really took much notice of it. It just kind of blended in and I thought of it as, ‘just an old baby photo’! No big deal. But I was young and naïve, I truly didn’t understand it's value.


And it would take 28 years to even begin to understand it’s value!


You see, one day about a year ago. I noticed that ‘old baby photo’ lying on the floor of my mother’s house. It was resting up against the wall surrounded by cardboard boxes. My mother was preparing to move at the time and I came over to help her out. I looked at it on the floor and I asked her about it...


I finally found out that day, twenty plus years later, the story behind that ‘old baby photo’. One day I will share it with you....


You see this image I grew up with, seeing it everyday showed me that I was important and that I was loved. I remember seeing it in the main areas of my home and it was comforting to me without even knowing it at the time. In some profound way it would come to mean so much more to me as I grew up. And it took seeing it on the floor that day, for me to finally realise just how important that, ‘old baby photo’, really was.


How powerful a simple image of your baby is to not only you, but to them as well. It was then, for the first time that I finally had a minute to study this photo. To really look at it in detail. To really see myself, as a baby new to this world and it was then that I finally realised it’s importance.


And now, in my late twenties, I am truly grateful that my mum trusted this professional photographer. To not only take a beautiful photo of me as a baby, but to print it as well. So that it could grace our walls of the family home as I grew up.


You see, my mum had not the slightest idea how this photo was going to turn out! Back in “those days”, they used film cameras! *Gasp* I know, crazy right? There were no shiny screens where the image magically popped up, like they do nowadays. You had no idea how the image would turn out, until you developed it in a dark room with toxic chemicals and a really complicated process; And waited a really longggggggg time. To anyone living in the present, this is sheer horror! Not only the long time waiting, but not knowing how your image was going to look and with no filters! *GASP* All my mum was told by the photographer, was that they would choose the best image. That they would print it, mount it and frame it and then let her know when it was ready to collect.  There was no going back from there…


And I am so grateful that my mother, a young woman at the time in her early twenties, with little money. Trusted this professional photographer to take this iconic photo of me as a baby! It just blows my mind, as she had no idea of the priceless value this image would have in years to come. All she wanted was a photo of her baby, but not just any photo! A photograph taken by a professional photographer. Someone who understands light and shape; composition and colour and how an image comes together. Someone who knows how to use a professional grade camera in manual mode and understands shutter speed, aperture and ISO! Someone who notices how the light changes during the day and casts shadows and reflects and moves!... Because photographers are, "a master of light”; which I so fondly remember my photography teacher Bernie Carr teaching me. And it takes years of training to become a master of light! To understand it, control it and work with it. To see how it lights your subject and allows you to capture the best images you can.


My mother knew none of this at that time, okay I’ll give her a little credit…. maybe she knew a little! But, she had no idea that her baby would one day grow up to become a professional photographer herself one day. One that was obsessed with creating beautiful custom artworks for others as well. That she would one day see all that hard work behind the scenes that goes into creating just one beautiful image. All she knew was that she wanted a great photo of her baby! And she didn’t care how much it cost because she knew it would be worth it in the end… and it was!


And don't get me wrong, those silly happy snaps have a place too! Those candid photos of moments in life where you just whip out your camera and take a few snaps… Well they’re important too! Those ones with the blurry pink blob on them from, where your mum's had her thumb on the lens and you’re slightly annoyed because it’s kinda ruined what would have been a great shot!.... Well they’re important too!! Because they’re all memories of our incredible journey in this life and with the people we have share it with.


And this image of me as a baby that has been ingrained into my memory, is one where the lighting shows off all those little baby features. And I can look at that image and see myself so clearly back then. And I know now that although this image perhaps took that photographer a few minutes to take; behind those few minutes were years of learning how to master the camera and see the light!


And there's something so special about getting a portrait of your newborn baby. One done by a professional photographer who understands how to capture all those little features. Who understands how to capture the subtleness of your newborn’s beautiful soft skin and who knows how to print that photo, to showcase the best of that image. And who knows how to frame it, so it can grace your walls as well.


And this image of me as a baby that has followed me my entire life, is an image of a time I can no longer remember. But it is an image that is so profoundly important to me because it marks the beginning of my journey and for that I am grateful.


- Sollest x

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