Meet the artist.


Inspired by Soul was born from a combination of my nursing background and creative side.

I began my nursing career back in 2012 as a graduate in the neonatal intensive care ward at the Royal Hobart Hospital. Back then, I had to look up the word "neonatal" because I had no idea what it meant!

From there I was thrown into the wonderful world of babies and what an incredible world it has been! I predominately cared for premature babies in the special care nursery who made their grand entrance into the world a tad too early and refused to believe that they had left the comfort of the womb.

I worked closely with the babies and even closer with their parents. The love, the passion, the emotion and the connections I saw was unlike anything else! 

After some time in neonatal intensive care, I ventured out into the "adult world" because I wanted to expand early in my nursing career. After a full year in the "adult world", I was addicted to coffee and in much need of a break! Kudos to those nurses working the wards day in and out! In early 2014, I decided to go to art school and work towards my dream of becoming a professional photographer.

At the end of 2015 I had finished my Diploma in Photography and Inspired by Soul was conceived.

From there Inspired by Soul has grown into a newborn photography service that honours high quality bespoke archival products, respects that timeless appeal and tailors the session to it's clients.

Inspired by Soul lives to capture those beautiful moments within a newborns first few weeks and those details you forget, yet remember so vividly when reminded in a photograph. 

Inspired by Soul is me. 


- Sollest x.